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Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) Survey

*First Name
*Last Name
*Work Email
*Work Phone
*Company for which you served as an ECC
*What were the dates for your company's 2016 United Way campaign?
*How many years have you served as a United Way ECC?
*Will you be serving as ECC for your company's campaign in 2017?

If you responded no to the previous question, can you provide contact information for the person who will serve as ECC in 2017? (Include: name, email, and phone number)
Please indicate which of the following were used to engage co-workers during your 2016 United Way campaign. (Choose all that apply)

Please list any other tools or activities used that were not listed in the previous question.
*Did you attend one of United Way's ECC Best Practice Sessions in July, 2016?

If you answered yes to the previous question, please rate how much the session aided your efforts to coordinate the United Way workplace campaign.

Please add comments on any information that you believe could have been provided at the session to better prepare you for your role as ECC.
*Are you interested in attending an ECC Best Practice Session in 2017?

Please add any additional comments you feel would be beneficial to United Way in planning for the 2017 Community Campaign.
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