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Brand Strategy & Marketing

The Brand Strategy & Marketing Committee's role is to plan, coordinate and implement marketing strategies and communications to educate the community of the United Way mission.

Duties and Responsibilities of Brand Strategy & Marketing Committee:

  • Presenting United Way's image to the public
  • Building relationships in and with the community
  • Communicating the impact United Way’s work has in and on the community
  • Educating the public about philanthropy and ways to engage in thoughtful charitable giving
  • Working through the media and personal contacts to meet these aims

2020 Committee

Jen Degarmo- F.I.D.O., Co-Chair*

Laura Barten - Barten & Associates*

Tracy Bliss - Data Dimensions*

JoDee George - Bader Rutter*

Kim Hesgard - Mercy Health System*

Rick Mueller - JAX Custom Printing*

Katie Crist - UWBR staff liaison

*non-board member